Hornady Distribution Center and Powder Blending Facility - Alda, NE.

Congratulations to the Hornady Manufactoring Company on the completion of your distribution center and power

blending facility in Alda, NE. Thanks to Lacy Construction for another successful project!

We would like to recognize out Middleton Electric employees on a job well done with the completion of this project:

*  Dan Hochreiter  *  Nick Peters  *  Daniel Welsh  *  Jose M. Perez Reyes  *  Johnny G. Barreto Clarke  *  Doug Hill  *  William Glandt  *

*  Garrison Swanson  *  Kevin Griffis  *  Javier Revelo Jr.  *  Alfredo Ramirez Jr.  *  Robert Safarik  *  David Neels  *  Fredis Galdamez  *

*  Eugene Brown  *  Edgar Mendoza  *  Bryan Ewoldt  *  Andres Pereiras  *  Josh Nendza  *  Kurt Russell  *  Victor Perez  *